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Ladyboy girlfriends are the horniest!

●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève °•°☆●
Location: Vancouver , British Columbia
Dtown West End
Country: Canada
604 245 7006 ♡♡🙊🙈
Meow >^_^<
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● Meow >^_^<

Bitchaleene be trippin Fooling around♡

About ●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève °•°☆●

Eva Lounges Eva lounges in her lingerie in a sexy montage.

Lastupdated: 2018-04-13

Contact ●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève °•°☆●
Telephone: 1604-245-7006

●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● oops
>^_^< !!

More About ●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève °•°☆●

Real Reviews:

I have been a lurker in this forum for many years. And have been an admirer of these wonderful women for even longer. I never had the courage to live the fantasy until now and thought I would share my experience to encourage others to go after their fantasy as well.

I first contacted Eva by email and she informed me that she was working at transzen and to come and see her there. I was always nervous about the fact that people would see me go in to this massage parlor but I was pleasantly surprised, there was plenty of parking close by so I could quickly go in and with the private entrance, no one from the street can see you.

I ring the bell and this gorgeous, soft spoken lady answers the door and says her name is Eva. She takes me to a room and tells me I will get a choice of girls for the massage. Well I only had eyes for Eva and she smiled so sweetly when I told her my choice and led me to the showers.

Now I am an older, very over weight, balding man... far from being a young stud. But Eva never made me feel unattractive, on the contrary she has a gift of making you feel comfortable and at ease with her.

Now Eva, this goddess, was a vision of true beauty, tall, slim and toned with the softest, smoothest skin. She has the most sexy " smokey " eyes and beautiful full lips. When she looked at me I instantly melted. The way she spoke softly and sweetly and her touch was out of this world. Her caresses and even her breathing made the experience unbelievably exciting. The way she looked at me and whispered in my ear was a huge turn on. What a gorgeous, gorgeous woman! I couldn't stop staring at her and didn't want to blink so that I wouldn't miss a thing. She must have thought I looked funny because I had a smile on my face the whole time! We spent the full hour together and she never made me feel rushed. I never expected my first time to be this good!

Thank you Eva for being my first experience and making it so very memorable and thank you to Mark and transzen for providing the opportunity for my fantasy to come true.

All you veterans are all probably yawning at this, but I thought I would share my experience with the ones who haven't tried yet.

I highly recommend going to transzen and I definitely recommend the truly gorgeous, sweet and sexy EVA!

I will be having sweet Eva dreams for a long time to come.  photo IMG_7348_zpsuzoma6m7.jpg

Miaw miaw All alone in my bed ♡♡ Evaleene hungry for some D***

●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●

●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●

My Gallery
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● Animal
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● kinky Mermaid
kinky Mermaid
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● stripped
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● the mad hatter
the mad hatter
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● Do you want me ?
Do you want me ?
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆● succubus
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
Ladyboy girlfriends are the horniest!
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●
●☆°•°•Ch arlie-Ève  °•°☆●

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My Videos
Eva Lounges
Eva Lounges

Eva Restless and Horny
Eva Restless and Horny

Eva Bedroom Eyes
Eva Bedroom Eyes

Miaw miaw All alone in my bed ♡♡
Miaw miaw  All alone in my bed ♡♡

Bitchaleene be trippin
Bitchaleene be trippin

Going dtown
Going dtown

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