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DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
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(416) 821-2114



Wanting to complete your search in finding what you’ve thought wasn’t obtainable? As much as I look like a princess looking for her prince this is no fairytale and just like yourself I am real. I’m a known adult film-starlet. Primarily most know and see me for the content I’ve released over the years. But also I’ve provided the luxury to a countless number of men over the years on assisting them on finding their inner peace and happiness within, and desires that they have had within their minds keeping themselves up at night. All this time when you thought this was something that was unattainable and unreachable.. just a dream or fantasy. Get prepared to quickly discover everything that was thought to be dream can become a living breathing reality right before your eyes.
Hi, my names Dita, Dita Dior. For some you may look at me and see just another hot girl and become mesmerized. As for others you maybe familiar with my body of work that I’ve released throughout the years from my film career.
I’m just your girl next door, bestfriends naughty sister, a bad teacher, nurse, secretary, goddess or.. I can be whatever you like or want me to be but besides all of the characters that I can live out for you. Simply I’m a gorgeous transgendered woman that resides in Toronto, Ontario. I may be a city girl but from growing up in the rural country in the east of Canada. With that being said I’m down to earth, patient and understanding. As much as I can bring you to a euphoria in the bedroom I’m more then capable sitting down and being able to have a conversation on various topics to ease the discomfort (if there is any). Just because I’m a adult performer and a nymphette doesn’t mean I lack the ability to communicate and express myself.
Blonde hair, blue eyes with the height of 5 foot 8 making me soft and sweet. 130LB - 34F Cup/Bust implant and small waist to fit my hourglass figure with a heart shaped behind. Also between my legs I have 7.5-8” cut fully functional. With a hourglass shaped body, soft and natural feminine features and sexy and bold personality. Born in the year 1993 with the horoscope “Cancer”.
I assure there is nothing strong about my features that are presented. Also there has been no retouching to my photos but you don't have to take my word for it.. just google my name and watch for yourself if you need that extra push of motivation. It’s always great to do your research before meeting me, even if it is looking through my porn to see what I’m capable of before hand. I can be your dream girl or your worst nightmare. Nothing is out of reach with my skills and capabilities in comfort and satisfaction (inside and outside of the bedroom).
I provide most services (within reason) for example; tissue massage, dancing, feminization, domination, roleplay, intimate encounter and other options are available if you don't see what you desire listed then please inform me and within your inquiry or question i'll provide you a answer; since that’s just a light overview of what my capabilities are when it comes to some of the skills I can provide in our time together. Don’t hesitate to ask questions upon the inquiry prior to meeting it’s not time wasted or extra effort on my part.
With me privacy discretion is assured to keep your status confidential. I’m disease and drug free and I expect the same from you. I won’t risk myself in any situation if I feel or see any red flags. I take my health and safety very seriously from annual tests but also being a little extra cautious on safety for protection.
I don’t exclude anyone of specific race or culture. As long as you have the expected rate, don’t take advantage of my kindness or put any danger or risk for myself.
As much as I’m a Canadien she-goddess I can connect myself into the Norwegian bloodline it explains my Scandinavian features. Along with my long blonde hair and blue eyes. First glance you see a statuesque model with big a huge bust, tiny waist and a heart shaped backside. Looking at me you’d never know that this beautiful female had a big hidden secret right before your own eyes?
Looking for the blonde bombshell shemale experience of your lifetime? Then just pick up the phone and call me. You’ll quickly realize that the girl in your dreams is not just part of your imagination but has been available right in front of your eyes all along. You’ve waited long enough why wait any longer.

Lastupdated: 2019-05-22

(416) 821-2114
Telephone: 416- 821-2114
Email: [email protected]

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(416) 821-2114 here:
Hot Canadian Porn site!!

DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114

DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114

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DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114

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DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
Find the Shemale of your Dreams
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
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DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
DITA DIOR <br> (416) 821-2114
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